You Can Improve Your Space by Working with What You Have.

CIMG1202If disorganization is a reality in your home, it probably feels like there is simply no solution – you may even have tried over and over again to reorganize things yourself. The truth is, there are solutions that don’t require you to buy anything new, and Eastern Vista Design’s Mari Takeda is a master at finding them.

While many custom homes are designed for both beauty and functional organization, most homes and smaller spaces are not. Maybe you’re missing pantry or closet space, or a mud room… maybe you have a tiny kitchen but love to cook… or perhaps you just have too much stuff and no clue where to stash it. Whatever the issue, Mari can work with what you have to create an amazing space.

Mari comes into your home or office, fully evaluates every aspect of your space, and learns about your lifestyle and day-to-day needs. Then she designs solutions that can change your home in amazing ways.

If you need to get your home organized, contact Mari for a free interior design consultation today.