Fresh Look

Sometimes all You Need is a Fresh Look.


For many, ‘interior design’ sounds like a luxury that can’t be afforded. What if it could instead be a reality, regardless of your budget? Well, it can. Eastern Vista Design’s Mari Takeda specializes in helping you transition from a space that doesn’t represent you or your style, to one that suits you to a tee.

Maybe your color scheme doesn’t please you, the lighting’s all wrong, or your accessories need to be updated. Perhaps the palate’s not bright enough or too subdued, or, maybe your space is too vast and empty, and requires more texture.

Mari is an expert at freshening the look, feel, and overall experience of being in a space. After evaluating your home, she designs a road map for a transformed design that makes sense for you on every level, from aesthetics to function. By making changes to accessories, textures, light fixtures, fountains, furniture, window treatments, artwork, sound, and more, Mari can bring a new, vibrant, fresh look to your space.

If you are yearning for a revived look for your home or office, contact Mari for a free interior design consultation today.