About Mari

Interior Design and Organization Expert Mari Takeda.

Having been in design since 1995, Eastern Vista Design’s Mari Takeda gains true satisfaction from working with people to personalize and enhance their spaces. She got her start in Japan, helping her clients completely Westernize their homes, and now specializes in everything from fung sui and zen-style, to contemporary, classic and French country makeovers.

Mari is exceptionally talented at helping people create an environment that considers, and caters to, everyone who enjoys the space—from adults and children to pets and visitors. She also has a knack for making the process a fulfilling one from beginning to end.

The experience of working with Mari

Mari is committed to helping her clients literally change their lives by transforming their surroundings. She will stop at nothing to ensure the end result is spectacular—even if that means temporarily moving in with a client in order to fully comprehend their needs and lifestyle.

Mari also ensures her clients truly enjoy the experience, and acts in partnership with her clients—she is dependable, always available and responsive, and she bends over backwards to help scale projects to any budget.

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“I get so much satisfaction out of what I do. Every time I finish a transformation, I know that what we’ve created will last; if I could do anything in the world, this is what I would do!” –Mari Takeda