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Remodels and New Construction

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Fresh Look

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Create a Space That’s Perfect for your Lifestyle… Quickly, Easily and Affordably.


What if you could easily and quickly transform your home, condominium, apartment or office into a serene, fresh, organized space that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle and design preferences?

When you hire interior design and organization expert Mari Takeda of Eastern Vista Design, that’s exactly what you get. Suddenly, what was formerly disorganized, cluttered, outdated, or just devoid of personality becomes a tranquil, comfortable space created precisely for your life and style.

Your partner in design

Mari Takeda is an interior designer by trade, but she is much more than that. When you work with Mari, what you get is a partner – one who comes to your home, observes your space as it is today, seriously considers your day-to-day life, and listens. Mari has a unique ability to quickly and thoroughly evaluate the current state of your home, get to know you and your style, and then transform your space into the home of your dreams.

From fresh looks and reorganization, to remodels and new construction, Mari is an expert at helping you maximize your space and beautify your home. Contact Mari for a free interior design consultation today.